It's About Time (Why ICR is an idea whose time has come)

March 25th, 2009 11:45 am
Posted by Gary Tyreman
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Frustrated HPC users abound.  Almost every customer I have met wraps their application integrations because they perceive a lack of standards – and I don’t mind telling you that they're not happy. Each time they deploy a cluster there has been a significant amount of time, energy and money repeating basic steps in setting up, configuring and validating the system. It’s a cost to their business and a barrier to the industry. This is where Intel Cluster truly adds value.

Intel Cluster Ready drives out costs.  There are several key factors that lead to this result:

1. Replicability: By creating a programmatic validation process of the systems software components and hardware, there is reduction in time of basic, common repeated steps.

2. Applications working out of the box:  At the end of the day the systems are used to support applications – engineering, research, simulation or modeling. Deploying a system with confidence that the application will work with predictable performance is a significant step forward, especially for the non-savvy and emerging adopters. It also saves time “monkeying around” with the configuration. And time is money.

3. Commoditization is at work:  This occurs when a market has been overshot, suggesting the competitive dimensions are shifting from functionality, performance and reliability to convenience (ease of use), customization (extensions) and price. The fundamental value proposition of Intel Cluster Ready affords more time to software developers like Univa to innovate in functionality that exposes convenience and new untapped capabilities that enable system optimization and lower cost of ownership. By not having to work on the basics we are afforded time to work on these innovations.

As we as an industry progress, increased de-coupling in the components of the solution suggests more interfaces will need to be defined and more convenience brought to the solution to enable new sets of customers to capture the value sooner. Intel Cluster Ready has already done a significant amount of the prescriptive work but there is more work to do. The future for the program is clearly bright.


Comment from wmagro
Time April 3, 2009 at 6:02 am

I think you nailed it, Gary. Exploiting HPC is a differentiator for scientists and businesses alike. People understand the acquisition costs and the benefits they can achieve. That said, an ROI analysis is incomplete without knowing the costs of integration and maintenance and (especially) likelihood of success. Intel Cluster Ready systematically addresses both the cost and uncertainty. With it, users get high confidence they'll achieve the expected return on the HPC investment.

Comment from Gary Tyreman
Time May 12, 2009 at 2:58 pm

True enough Bill. The more we can automate and simplify the better. Intel Cluster Ready takes a big bite out of the problem, but we still have work to do....

For one, the vendors could create a dialog to deepen the standardization opportunity ICR has created. It would save us all a lot of time.


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Author Info
Gary Tyreman

Gary Tyreman brings more than 20 years of executive software experience to his role as the President and CEO of Univa Corporation. Gary leads corporate development and fundraising activities and is the architect of Univa's data center optimization strategy, which couples the strategic addition of Grid Engine expertise with Univa's innovative and industry-leading integrated cloud computing management products. Gary has established Univa as a top multi-national competitor and has expanded the markets the company serves. Prior to taking the position as CEO, Gary spent three years as Univa's Senior Vice President of Products and Alliances.

At Univa UD, Gary is Vice President and General Manager of the High-Performance Computing Division. In this role he oversees all aspects of the company's HPC business, including strategic planning, engineering, marketing, sales and business development. He also directs the growth of the company's online open source community.

Prior to joining Univa UD in 2008, Gary was Vice President and Business Manager for Platform Computing HPC division. During nearly five years there, he led the company's business planning, innovation and product management efforts while marshaling a team that developed some of the industry's most popular software.

Tyreman was among the first in the industry to recognize the emerging entry-level user in the HPC space and was responsible for developing a vision for how to simplify running applications off the shelf, a key to unlocking value among organizations new to HPC. He worked with Intel Corp. to develop his innovations, which were taken into account when Intel announced the Intel Cluster Ready program last year, making it easier to design, build, sell, program, acquire and deploy clusters built with Intel components.

Prior to his tenure at Platform Computing, Tyreman held a variety of executive positions in product management and marketing in technology growth companies, including Hummingbird, Delano and Itemus.

Gary is actively involved in the standards community and has held key positions in the X Consortium ( and Open Grid Forum.