Next generation Xeon® processor is finally here.

March 26th, 2009 1:36 pm
Posted by Ian Miller
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So, after the rumors and the early benchmarks, the pent up anticipation can finally be released – the next generation Xeon processor, code named Nehalem, is finally here. It is a major architectural step forward and I’m very excited that the Cray CX1 personal supercomputer is part of it.

That said, I tend to think blogs that are just product commercials are a bit dull –if you want to know all about the Cray CX1 feel free to visit our web site! – so let me use this blog to discuss our partnership with Intel and why we hope it evolves into something really significant for the HPC community.

I hope any of you reading this are familiar with Cray and the heritage we inherited from Seymour Cray and his pioneering work in supercomputers. For many years Cray has been at the forefront of supercomputer technology and in many minds the name is synonymous with that technology. However, building supercomputers is just a part of the equation. Working with customers who have the vision and the determination to use that technology to further mankind's knowledge is the element that turns interesting technology into something truly meaningful. We work closely with all of our customers who keep us on our toes – pushing us to find innovative solutions that address their scientific or research needs – both large and small.

In order to address those needs we began collaborating with Intel in 2007 and formally announced our partnership in early 2008. Intel has some of the finest minds in processor technology on the planet and Cray brings a wealth of experience in this area as well, especially as applied to high performance computing. We are working together on technologies that will push the petaflops capabilities that Cray already proved in 2008 – to the next level.

I am confident this partnership will deliver these capabilities and see the new Xeon processors as a significant step forward on this journey. With these new processors and the affordable Cray CX1, more people can leverage this technology, which makes it all the more exciting! So whether your budget is $25,000 or has some significant additional zeroes, Cray and Intel will be able to support your mission goals with technology that continues to push supercomputing to the next generation. I’d like to congratulate Intel on their latest release and look forward to our continued collaboration. In future blogs in this space I will take you through some examples of how Cray and Intel technology are addressing real world HPC needs today.


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Author Info

Ian Miller joined Cray in February 2008 and currently heads up Cray’s Productivity Solutions group with the recently introduced Cray CX1 desk side supercomputer – an Intel Cluster Ready product. Mr. Miller also leads Cray’s corporate marketing organization. Prior to joining Cray, he served as the Vice President of Polyserve Software at HP and as Vice President of Worldwide Sales for PolyServe prior to its acquisition by HP. Before joining PolyServe, Mr. Miller was Vice President of Worldwide sales for IBM High End xSeries Servers where he worked for both IBM xSeries and pSeries organizations, with a particular focus on marketing and sales for high end Intel based systems. Prior to IBM, he was Vice President of Global Marketing for Sequent Computer Systems, and Vice President Asia Pacific. Miller has also worked for Software AG as Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, and for Unisys in many capacities, ending as General Manager for Asia South. Mr. Miller is a Graduate of London University.