Appro HyperGreen Cluster is Intel Cluster Ready Certified

April 15th, 2009 4:52 pm
Posted by Maria McLaughlin
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The Appro HyperGreen Clusters based on the GreenBlade System is simply a smarter way to build cluster solutions providing the capacity computing that HPC applications require while offering better value compared to traditional rack mounted servers. Each GreenBlade system represents the evolution of traditional turnkey rack mounted server clusters. It consolidates server, storage, network, power and simplified management capabilities into one building block solution making it easy to test, configure, integrate and deploy.

In addition, the Appro HyperGreen Clusters is now Intel Cluster Ready certified simplifying the cluster integration and testing for deployment. Simplification, confidence, productivity, and quality are benefits that you get with an Intel Cluster Ready certified solution. The Intel Cluster Checker, an automated and systematic method to ensure the system is operating as expected at all times is shipped with each Appro HyperGreen Solution. Appro quality team verifies each Intel Cluster Ready solution functions at expected levels and provides the standard interface that enables running registered applications. This provides the ability for Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to run their registered Intel Cluster Ready applications in pre-tested and certified cluster architecture for easy interoperability and deployment.

Learn more about Appro's current GreenBlade System


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Maria McLaughlin joined Appro in 2002 and has responsibility for all Appro's marketing, which includes branding, product positioning, market analysis, perception improvement, marketing communications and demand creation. She is also responsible for coordinating the product-definition and Go-to-Market Plan activities across Appro. Prior to her role at Appro, Mrs. McLaughlin worked at Hewlett-Packard for 13 years, where she held several marketing roles. She has also international business experience gained working at 3M Corporation in Campinas, SP, Brazil.

Mrs. McLaughlin graduated from Pontificia Catolica University in Brazil with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and English. She has also attended Berkeley Extension University in San Francisco.