NEC Adds New Advanced Servers for Virtualization

April 16th, 2009 2:50 pm
Posted by Dr. Thomas Schoenemeyer
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[Excerpt] Next Generation NEC Servers Built on New Intel Xeon Processor; Offer Higher Performance, Energy-Efficiency, High Bandwidth Vital for Virtualization and Consolidation.

Click here to download "NEC Adds New Advanced Servers for Virtualization"


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Author Info

Dr. Thomas Schoenemeyer has been working in the area High Performance Computing for 13 years, and at NEC for 8 years. His main tasks are application porting, optimization and parallelization, with a special focus on applications in the Earth Sciences Community. He contributed to the development of the OASIS coupler development. Currently he is deeply involved in the evaluation of Intel Nehalem architecture for weather forecast applications.