Simplified Management of HPC Clusters

April 27th, 2009 1:45 pm
Posted by Samu Gábor
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With High Performance Computing becoming mainstream, simplifying the deployment and on-going management of  computer clusters is of paramount importance. The administration of Platform Open Cluster Stack (OCS) 5 is so easy a privileged end user can spend their valuable time on more pressing tasks, rather than day to day admin chores typically associated with clusters.

Platform Computing’s Open Cluster Stack (OCS) 5 product family not only provides the capability to rapidly create Intel Cluster Ready certified solutions, considerably reducing operational risk, but it also includes as standard, a powerful, integrated web-based console that helps simplify the tasks of cluster management and monitoring. Better tools translates into better reliability, less time spent learning obscure command line syntax, and more time adding value to the business.

With the click of a mouse, end-users can add or remove nodes, monitor the cluster status, or deploy software packages including software packaged as Kits for Platform OCS 5. In addition, an application-centric web-portal provides access to the integrated workload manager with a simple to use interface that allows users to easily submit and control jobs.

Less time and learning required to administer the cluster; less time required to train users how to submit jobs, and lower error rates and support calls owing to intuitive, self-documenting interfaces. All this wrapped up in a single, integrated Intel Cluster Ready certified solution. Sounds like a “win-win-win” situation!


Comment from skillerne
Time April 29, 2009 at 5:49 am

Can you explain what the difference in capabilities is between your cluster management console and the Intel Cluster Checker SW tool?

Comment from Samu Gábor
Time April 30, 2009 at 12:42 pm

The web-based intuitive Console (GUI) described in my blog may be used to modify the properties of a cluster that has been deployed by Platform Open Cluster Stack 5.  This is in addition to monitoring of the cluster.  

The Intel Cluster Checker software may be used to certify the original cluster configuration, or used to ensure that any changes to the configuration of a cluster do not violate it's ICR compliance.


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A 10 year veteran of Platform Computing Corporation, Gábor currently serves in the role of Technical Product Manager.
Gábor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Toronto (Canada). Gábor has also served in various Technical Support roles at Platform Computing in Europe (UK, France).