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May 11th, 2009 2:08 pm
Posted by Ian Miller
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The HPC community is always pushing on the boundaries of what is possible with computing. While overall scalability and the Flop count is one key metric, equally important is the ability to test codes and evaluate new technologies as they arrive to see if a full "data center" deployment is warranted. One of the ways a product like the CX1 (certified Intel Cluster Ready naturally!) can help the community is by being a powerful yet inexpensive test bed for these technologies. Obviously, the CX1 supports the exciting Nehalem Xeon 5500 processors, and that is it’s core underpinning - allowing codes to leverage the performance and memory speed of that technology.

In addition, several other important capabilities can be evaluated cost effectively on the CX1. For example, the Windows HPC Server 2008 platform is seeing strong market acceptance along with the CX1, and the workstation community see this as a natural evolution from the desktop workstation environment. In addition, users can leverage Cluster Resources Moab dual boot capability to host both Linux and Windows workloads on one CX1 system. Customers who want the simplicity and ease of use of an SMP environment can use ScaleMP's vSMP software on the CX1 platform, and of course GPGPU's are also growing in popularity.

Those are just a few ideas of subjects that are exciting and seeing traction in today's HPC market place. The Cray CX1 team look forward to hearing your comments and ideas for other technologies or applications you would like to see on the platform. Feel free to drop a line to CX1info@cray.com with your ideas or if you have any questions.


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Ian Miller joined Cray in February 2008 and currently heads up Cray’s Productivity Solutions group with the recently introduced Cray CX1 desk side supercomputer – an Intel Cluster Ready product. Mr. Miller also leads Cray’s corporate marketing organization. Prior to joining Cray, he served as the Vice President of Polyserve Software at HP and as Vice President of Worldwide Sales for PolyServe prior to its acquisition by HP. Before joining PolyServe, Mr. Miller was Vice President of Worldwide sales for IBM High End xSeries Servers where he worked for both IBM xSeries and pSeries organizations, with a particular focus on marketing and sales for high end Intel based systems. Prior to IBM, he was Vice President of Global Marketing for Sequent Computer Systems, and Vice President Asia Pacific. Miller has also worked for Software AG as Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, and for Unisys in many capacities, ending as General Manager for Asia South. Mr. Miller is a Graduate of London University.