Intel a big winner at ISC

June 30th, 2009 12:09 pm
Posted by Addison Snell
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I'm just back from the ISC conference in Hamburg, and one thing that struck me throughout the show was the dominance of Nehalem over Istanbul, not just in metrics like Top500 installations, but also in the energy across the show floor. It seemed just about every system vendor had Nehalem-based solutions on display, whereas to find anything about AMD, the AMD booth was almost the only option.

In our research we recently observed that HPC users demonstrate little-to-no loyalty to processor vendors. They'll switch to the best price/performance any moment it changes. We therefore observed that AMD had a chance to gain ground with six-core Istanbul.

After seeing the reaction to both at ISC, it looks like Intel is set to continue its dominance in the near term.

For more winners and losers from ISC, listen to this HPCwire Soundbite podcast, recorded by editor Michael Feldman and I on location in Hamburg:


Comment from Gary Tyreman
Time July 7, 2009 at 9:17 am

Addison -

I believe you nailed it. Nehalem is a game-changing technology that comes along only once in a while. Univa is working closely with multiple end-users to develop and deploy functionality that until Nehalem simply wasn't possible.

Nehalem will open the technical computing door to cloud computing oriented technologies.



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