The Doctor Is In (or why ICR is good for you) ...

September 8th, 2009 1:10 am
Posted by Ian Miller
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For hardware vendors, certification is generally considered a real pain. It places additional burdens on us as we bring our products to market. However, that doesn’t mean there aren't ways to ease the pain.

As Cray discovered, the Intel Cluster Ready (ICR) certification program provided real benefits to us and our customers. It gave us a proven protocol for testing and retesting our products to ensure that the entire system (from the hardware to the operating system stack) was healthy. In our first release of the Cray CX1, we discovered that parts of the system stack were in fact not in tip-top shape. The Intel team worked closely with us to diagnose the problem and find the remedy.

What this meant for our customers was a healthy system - right out of the box. ICR is like a system-level checkup that helps us find and fix potential issues before our customers do. Our goal is to deliver the easiest and most productive HPC experience and we consider ICR an ally in that mission.

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Author Info

Ian Miller joined Cray in February 2008 and currently heads up Cray’s Productivity Solutions group with the recently introduced Cray CX1 desk side supercomputer – an Intel Cluster Ready product. Mr. Miller also leads Cray’s corporate marketing organization. Prior to joining Cray, he served as the Vice President of Polyserve Software at HP and as Vice President of Worldwide Sales for PolyServe prior to its acquisition by HP. Before joining PolyServe, Mr. Miller was Vice President of Worldwide sales for IBM High End xSeries Servers where he worked for both IBM xSeries and pSeries organizations, with a particular focus on marketing and sales for high end Intel based systems. Prior to IBM, he was Vice President of Global Marketing for Sequent Computer Systems, and Vice President Asia Pacific. Miller has also worked for Software AG as Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, and for Unisys in many capacities, ending as General Manager for Asia South. Mr. Miller is a Graduate of London University.