Update to the Intel Cluster Ready Specification

August 23rd, 2010 11:06 am
Posted by Brock Taylor
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Version 1.2 is coming soon

In conjunction with Supercomputing 2010, Intel will release a new update to the Intel® Cluster Ready specification. I previewed a couple of the biggest changes in the specification in this quarter's Intel Cluster Ready Newsletter.

The big change is how certified solutions will now present the defined software interface to the application layer. The update will now require defined "sets" of specific versions of libraries rather than the minimum version or later approach that exists today. Backwards compatibility of application to solution is the key driver of this change. The new requirements provide flexibility for solutions to provide a range of defined interfaces to the application layer, and applications will better understand the exact interface present on a solution. Applications that require a specific set of libraries can quickly determine if the set is present on a given solution. Solutions can choose how many library sets, or how far back, to support.

There are other changes in the coming update as well aimed at simplifications, clarifications, and appropriate expansions to requirements aimed at making HPC clusters more attractive and simple to operate. Check out the newsletter for more information.

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Author Info
Brock Taylor

Brock Taylor is an Engineering Manager and Cluster Solutions Architect for volume High Performance Compute clusters in the Software and Services Group at Intel. He has been a part of the Intel® Cluster Ready program from the start, is a co-author of the specification, and launched the first reference implementations of Intel Cluster Ready certified solutions.

Brock and others at Intel are working within the HPC community to enable advances and innovations in scientific computing by lowering the barriers to clustered solutions.

Brock joined Intel in December of 2000, and in addition to HPC clustering, he previously helped launch new processors and chipsets as part of an enterprise validation BIOS team. Brock has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an M.Sc. in High Performance Computing from Trinity College Dublin.