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December 2nd, 2010 3:44 pm
Posted by Kathleen Ellertson
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Winners of the 2010 Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Awards (presented at SC10)

SC10 was fascinating…of course. The world's largest supercomputing convention is always a great barometer of the HPC industry. It gives you a look at what's happening now, and where the industry is going (in case you weren't there, the words "cloud" and "exascale" were in wide use.) This year, SC also provided a great barometer of the progress of the Intel Cluster Ready architecture and the ecosystem building around it. That’s because it was the venue for our second annual Partner Appreciation Awards ceremony.

One thing I found particularly gratifying about the presentations this year is that several of the key awards centered around real-world solutions that are having an impact in the marketplace. The awards also highlighted the behind-the-scenes contributions of some HPC vendors that are breaking new ground in the small-to-mid-range HPC market.  These guys are doing some very cool things and they don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Take a look at the award-winning vendors below, and click on the links if you want to know more. I think you’ll be intrigued by the scope and value of their offerings.

Just for the record, we gave awards in three different categories:

  • Pioneer Awards, honoring early adopters and promoters of Intel Cluster Ready.
  • Pathfinder Awards, to distinguish those who are working with Intel Cluster Ready to forge new paths into previously unexplored markets.
  • Explorer Awards, for those who have continued to explore and implement new programs to advance solutions based on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.

Here’s the list of the 2010 award winners. Enjoy!

Solution 1 - The Seismic Coverage Validation Engine from Landmark is a preconfigured supercomputing solution for oil exploration that is expanding the use of HPC methods into smaller shops. And the award winners are:

Solution 2 - A number of vendors helped Simpson Strong-Tie deploy a new cluster in just two days, enabling the company’s engineers to run more complex models and get results two to three times faster, while halving the data center footprint and reducing total costs. (Read the case study.)

Solution 3 - Two vendors were particularly instrumental in helping the University of Plymouth deploy a cluster to support ground-breaking research into renewable energy through wave farming.

  • Viglen (Explorer) delivered the hardware optimized for out-of-the-box simulations.
  • Concurrent Thinking (Pathfinder) provided SmartCluster, designed for complete cluster software provisioning with one-click Intel Cluster Ready validation.

Driving the Market Forward (other behind-the-scenes contributors)

  • ANSYS (Pathfinder) is accelerating the adoption of HPC in smaller design shops, by proving the value of its simulation solutions running on Intel Cluster Ready certified clusters through in-house benchmarking.
  • Clustercorp (Pathfinder) has optimized its ROCKS+ middleware for the Intel Cluster Ready architecture. ROCKS+ now enables exceptionally simple provisioning and build of certified clusters.
  • Mellanox Technologies (Pioneer) and the HPC Advisory Council, which was founded by Mellanox, are delivering a range of compliant fabric solutions, along with installation guides for open source applications on Intel Cluster Ready clusters.
  • QLogic (Pathfinder) provides fabric solutions optimized for the Intel Cluster Ready architecture, and has been instrumental in early testing and benchmarking of Intel MPI 4.0 on its InfiniBand hardware.

Honorable Mention
A lot of additional vendors are focused on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture, and are delivering significant new technologies and products. A handful of them received honorable mention awards, including:

  • Bright Computing: Bright Cluster Manager for the Intel Cluster Ready architecture
  • ClusterVision: Responsible for an array of Intel Cluster Ready cluster deployments
  • Fujitsu Technology Solutions: Now providing a range of certified cluster products.
  • ICON: Driving new market penetration by promoting Intel Cluster Ready for digital simulation.
  • Panasas: High-performance parallel storage solutions
  • SGI: A family of Intel Cluster Ready certified solutions, including its innovative Octane III desk-side cluster.
  • Transtec: Responsible for a significant number of critical, real-world implementations.

That's it for this year's winners. I'd like to add my personal thanks to all of them. Stay tuned for more information. I’ll be focusing in on some of these technologies and solutions in more detail in future blogs.

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Kathleen Ellertson

Kathleen Ellertson is the Global Marketing Manager for Intel Cluster Ready. She has been with Intel Corporation for more than five years. Before joining Intel she held positions in Alliance and Program Management at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computers, and Hewlett Packard.