If you build it they will come, but only if…

January 20th, 2011 3:27 pm
Posted by Kathleen Ellertson
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The name of the game in cluster computing is parallelism. Complex computations are broken down into multiple, independent tasks that can be run concurrently.

The results are then recombined to deliver whatever information design team is looking for, whether it's how the latest chassis protects the driver in a 60 MPH collision, or how a potato chip holds up between factory and bowl.

Intel® Cluster Ready provides an optimized platform for parallel computing, and helps to ensure that registered applications run seamlessly on certified systems. But that's only half the battle. Unless applications make efficient use of all that parallel computing capacity, they aren't going to deliver the kind of value that justifies the cost of a high performance cluster.

In other words, if you build a great cluster they will come, but only if you - or someone else - also builds great, compatible applications. Of course, writing good, parallel software code isn’t easy. It's tough enough writing applications that can efficiently use 12 processor cores in a high-end workstation. Writing code that can fully utilize 120 cores in a 10-node cluster, or 480 cores in a 40-node cluster, takes another level of expertise.

Optimized development tools can help - a lot. I encourage you to take a quick look at this video interview from SC10, or forward it on to one of your software-developing colleagues. Doctor Clay Breshears and Werner Krotz-Vogel, talk about Intel Cluster Studio 2011, a comprehensive bundle of tools for software developers who want to write highly optimized applications for Intel processor-based clusters (compilers, libraries, analyzers, and a lot more). Especially noteworthy in this package is a variety of new threading mechanisms for task, data, and vector parallelism. Clay and Werner provide an overview and discuss some of the features. They also give a shout out to Intel Cluster Ready and the more than 150 vendors who are delivering compatible systems and applications.

Enjoy the video!

Check out the Intel® Cluster Studio 2011 - a tool suite for MPI developers on HPC clusters.

Learn more about Intel® Cluster Ready


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Kathleen Ellertson

Kathleen Ellertson is the Global Marketing Manager for Intel Cluster Ready. She has been with Intel Corporation for more than five years. Before joining Intel she held positions in Alliance and Program Management at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computers, and Hewlett Packard.