2011 Cluster Innovators Receive Awards at SC11

November 14th, 2011 3:44 pm
Posted by Kathleen Ellertson
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SC11 wrap up and the winners of the 2011 Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Awards

Like many of you, I attended SC11 in Seattle this year. I have to say, the world’s largest HPC convention has become downright addictive—especially if you happen to be an ex-gamer. I had to extract myself from the “Gaming through the Decades” exhibition before I could even get started with more serious pursuits. Fortunately my willpower was well rewarded. In case you weren’t there, the focus was on big data and visualization, and the strides being made are truly amazing.

The advances made by the Intel Cluster Ready partner community are also very impressive. We held our third annual Partner Appreciation Award ceremony at SC11, and it was gratifying to see the progress we’ve all made in just the past year. The Intel Cluster Ready architecture is now represented across an enormous range of HPC solutions, from SMB clusters to some of the world’s Top500 supercomputers. Hardware and software support has also grown substantially, as has market penetration. For a look at a few of the most impressive developments, check out the award-winning partners below, and follow the links for more information. I think you’ll be intrigued.

We gave awards in three categories:

  • The Pathfinder Award honors the vendor who has done the most to forge new paths into a previously unexplored area.
  • Explorer Awards distinguish those who have continued to explore and implement programs that significantly advance the portfolio of solutions based on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.
  • Voyager Awards are for those who have contributed to expanding the global reach and overall market growth of Intel Cluster Ready solutions.

Here’s the list of the 2011 award winners. Enjoy!

Pathfinder Award

  • Altair continues to drive innovation by making HPC cluster computing simpler and more productive for its customers. Over the past year, Altair integrated Intel Cluster Checker into PBS Professional, its HPC workload management and job scheduling solution, and registered three key applications for design and analysis: RADIOSS, AcuSolve, and OptiStruct.

Explorer Awards

  • science+computing took Intel Cluster Ready into the upper reaches of HPC, installing a 292 TFLOP, 1700 node supercomputer at RWTH Aachen University. It’s the largest Intel Cluster Ready certified system to date, and one of the 30 largest supercomputers in the world. A joint success story will be coming soon to highlight the design win and promote Intel Cluster Ready.
  • NEC delivered a huge Intel Cluster Ready win, with a certified 500-node cluster for the University of Erlangen. NEC then helped drive visibility and credibility for Intel Cluster Ready solutions with a success story and Web promotions.
  • E4 Computer Engineering launched its E-Cluster 7225 platform, certified Intel Cluster Ready, which scales from four to hundreds of nodes! E4 has also integrated Intel Cluster Ready throughout its marketing communications and updated its website based on each new sales quote.
  • Fujitsu has demonstrated a strong commitment to Intel Cluster Ready, integrating support throughout its PRIMERGY server product lines, and have achieved the greatest number of certifications in 2011 for certified Intel Cluster Ready clusters shipped in Europe. Starting at Fujitsu Technology Solutions it became a well-integrated part of the technical production workflow—beginning to end. Intel Cluster Ready is now an integral part of the Fujitsu standard cluster software stack for Intel architecture, and allows them to address a multi-geo market with HPC systems that are 'ready to go'.
  • Bright Computing has played an integral role in enabling the Intel Cluster Ready ecosystem by fully incorporating support into its workflows and products, including integration of Intel Cluster Checker into Bright Cluster Manager 5.2. The company was instrumental in helping ensure that the complete HPC solution chain will be ready to support the Intel Xeon Processor E5 family at launch.

Voyager Awards

  • Flow Science created a cluster solutions guide for Silicon Mechanics and other OEMs to simplify the deployment of Flow-3D, a leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution, on Intel Cluster Ready certified systems. Through this and related efforts, Flow Science is helping to bring HPC—and Intel Cluster Ready—into the digital manufacturing market.
  • Silicon Mechanics has integrated Intel Cluster Ready into its technical workflows and sales processes to simplify and accelerate cluster implementation. The company also played a pivotal role in supporting the launch of Sandy Bridge EP and partnered with SIMULIA and Flow Science to deliver optimized, turnkey solutions based on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.
  • SIASA (Soluciones Informaticas Argentinas S.A.) was the first Intel Cluster Ready member in Latin America and has delivered more certified clusters than any other vendor in the region. As one example, SIASA helped the University of Cordoba implement the largest cluster in Argentina.
  • Platform Computing is a leading Intel Cluster Ready partner and made a major contribution this year by launching Platform Cluster Manager 3.0, which makes it easier for non-technical customers to build, deploy, and manage Intel Cluster Ready certified systems. The company also provided valuable development support for upcoming Intel server platforms.
  • ClusterVision – their commitment to Intel Cluster Ready is so strong that they have edited all their marketing materials and website to promote Intel Cluster Ready. They also implemented Intel Cluster Ready training into their annual sales meeting and launched a sales incentive program. The strategy has delivered new cluster solutions, including a cluster deployment for Ceres Power that was documented in a success story.
  • Atipa has shipped eight "Rapid Launch" Linux Clusters in the last two years, all Intel Cluster Ready certified. Atipa has played a valuable role in enabling the HPC ecosystem for the launch of Sandy Bridge EP.
  • Eurotech launched its Intel Cluster Ready certified Aurora product line. Then, after collaborating with AuroraScience on a dense, green cluster that’s certified Intel Cluster Ready, Eurotech helped produce a success story about the unique 10 Teraflop Aurora cluster that serves a variety of Italian research organizations and provides a basis for scaling to petaflops of performance.
  • Univa has been a long-time supporter of Intel Cluster Ready and recently launched its UniCloud middleware, which makes it easy to deploy Intel Cluster Ready certified HPC clusters in private, hybrid, and public clouds (including RightScale and Amazon EC2).

That’s it for this year’s winners. I’d like to add my personal thanks to all of them.

Stay tuned for more information. I’ll be focusing in on some of these technologies and solutions in more detail in future blogs.


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