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August 2nd, 2012 1:59 pm
Posted by Kathleen Ellertson
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Lessons from ISC '12
Want an accurate snapshot of the HPC industry to help you plan your next move? The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC ’12) is a great place to start. It’s become huge, with more than 2,400 attendees in Hamburg last month. More than 300 expert speakers tackled all the major issues, from cloud, to exascale, to many-core computing and growing energy concerns.

One thing was clear. HPC is no longer just about the big boys. Vendors are waking up to the vast potential digital simulation holds for smaller businesses. There’s a broad emphasis on delivering simple, production-ready cluster solutions that run popular applications out of the box. Given that emphasis, it’s not surprising that Intel Cluster Ready was visible almost everywhere.

We had two Intel® Cluster Ready partners, Altair and Fujitsu, presenting their solutions in the booth. Ten Intel Cluster Ready partners gave theater presentations, 25 were promoting Intel Cluster Ready with signage and collateral, and more than 150 participated in the Intel Cluster Ready Partner Celebration. Their enthusiasm says a lot. Their videos and presentations say even more. I’ve posted a few highlights below. Enjoy!

  • transtec explains how Intel Cluster Ready can help you achieve higher productivity with lower cost and risk.
  • E4 Computer Engineering discussed how Intel Cluster Ready helps to shrink deployment timeframes to just days and simplifies management and use.
  • Fujitsu talks about its new line of ready-to-go HPC solutions and how Intel Cluster Ready helps them deliver higher value across the full range of cluster requirements.
  • Intel Cluster Ready team members and partners discuss their solutions, Intel Cluster Ready, and the market inroads their making at the Intel Cluster Ready Partner Celebration.

Want a broader overview of ISC ‘12? Check out these cool simulation examples from Altair and these 6-minute “hot seat” vendor videos—including this one from Dr. Stephen Wheat, General Manager of High Performance Computing at Intel. He talks about Intel innovation in HPC, including an upcoming Intel processor that can deliver up to a teraflop of performance—all by itself.


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Kathleen Ellertson

Kathleen Ellertson is the Global Marketing Manager for Intel Cluster Ready. She has been with Intel Corporation for more than five years. Before joining Intel she held positions in Alliance and Program Management at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computers, and Hewlett Packard.