Cluster Connection is a community of people, which includes our partners worldwide.

We thank them for their participation in Cluster Connection, their valuable contributions, and for sharing their experiences, insights and expertise with the community. Together, we consistently strive toward the much larger goal of establishing HPC as a strategic advantage for business. We recognize that our partners, being the true innovators and visionaries that they are, have led the way in this effort - they are the building blocks in the success of HPC and the Intel® Cluster Ready architecture. For more information about Intel Cluster Ready, click here.

Clustercorp is the leader in commercial software, services, and support for Rocks(TM)-based HPC Clusters. Clustercorp’s primary product line, Rocks+, is a complete HPC cluster distribution that deploys and manages everything from the operating system to popular 3rd party software stacks that turn complex HPC designs into repeatable turnkey solutions. Rocks+ solutions include Intel Cluster Ready, Rocks+MOAB, Rocks+LSF, Rocks+SGE, and more.

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