Cluster Connection is a community of people, which includes our partners worldwide.

We thank them for their participation in Cluster Connection, their valuable contributions, and for sharing their experiences, insights and expertise with the community. Together, we consistently strive toward the much larger goal of establishing HPC as a strategic advantage for business. We recognize that our partners, being the true innovators and visionaries that they are, have led the way in this effort - they are the building blocks in the success of HPC and the Intel® Cluster Ready architecture. For more information about Intel Cluster Ready, click here.

Panasas High-Performance Storage: Extraordinary Storage for Extraordinary Innovation

Panasas is the leading provider of high-performance storage for the world’s most performance and data-intensive applications. Panasas storage systems in combination with compute clusters based on Intel® microprocessors, have demonstrated new and significant advances in a variety of technical computing markets and applications. The benefits range from dramatic cost-performance improvements to broad industry appeal and confidence in deploying Intel platforms with Panasas storage for production and ”challenge" scale HPC simulations.

Panasas offers a parallel storage architecture that combines key advantages of legacy network attached storage, yet eliminates the drawbacks that have made them unsuitable for scalable Intel clusters. Industry leaders worldwide are using Panasas storage to deliver unprecedented breakthroughs in energy exploration, financial and portfolio analysis, climate modeling and weather prediction, computer-aided engineering, computational chemistry and physical sciences, digital animation, life sciences research, and other applications.

Success of the Intel and Panasas alliance in the technical computing market is driven by an understanding of customer objectives and requirements, and matching these with innovative products and solutions that integrate with existing infrastructure. Since the joint alliance launched in 1999, Intel and Panasas have invested together and independently in business-critical technology alliances with other industry leaders in network and switching, server platform providers, operating systems including Linux and Microsoft Windows, and a variety of ISVs who develop HPC application-specific software.

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