Briefs / Whitepapers

A Great Resource for HPC Users

Intel® Cluster Ready reduces the complexity of designing, building, and managing high performance clusters. It also ensures that the software ...

Landmark & Appro: Seismic Coverage Validation Engine

...for Oil and Gas Exploration Data Processing Landmark's new Seismic Coverage Validation Tools with Appro supercomputing solution,  introduced a pre-configured ready ...

10GbE iWARP Deployment Made Simple with Rocks+

Organizations seeking to deploy high-performance computing clusters now have the means to reduce cost and risk. Intel Cluster Ready ...

Accelerate small to mid-sized ANSYS HPC deployments

Appro Ready-to-Go clusters are Intel® Cluster Ready certified, optimized to run ANSYS applications, and pre-tested with the Intel® ...

Univa ICR Solution Brief

[Excerpt] This Intel Cluster Ready Program brief describes the Univa-ICR solution for making HPC clusters faster, easier and more cost-effective ...

White Paper: Cloud Guide For HPC

With over 20 pages of meticulously researched content, this white paper is the definitive guide for HPC organizations who are ...

Red Hat HPC Solution Whitepaper

[Excerpt] There are many reasons why Linux dominates the HPC space. Academic and research communities have found that the open ...

Red Hat HPC Solution

[Excerpt] Analysts, engineers, and scientists are constantly pushing the computational limits of current IT resources. In response, businesses are increasingly ...

Intel® Cluster Ready and Clustercorp Rocks + Product Brief

[Excerpt] By choosing Intel® Cluster Ready systems equipped with the new Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series and running Clustercorp Rocks+* software, ...

SGI and Intel® Cluster Ready Program Brief

[Excerpt] SGI Moving Forward with the Intel® Cluster Ready Program SGI, a leader in high-performance computing, is a founding platform partner ...

Case Studies

Strengthening Product Design with HPC

Simpson Strong-Tie: Speeding Time-to-Market See how Silicon Mechanics, SIMULIA, and a certified Intel Cluster Ready solution are helping ...

Graduating to HPC

Nanoelectronics researchers at the University of Massachusetts move up from a workstation to an Intel Cluster Ready HPC system and ...

Cray CX1 & Lakes Environmental

Helping Industrial Companies Decrease Air Pollution Founded in 1995, Lakes Environmental is an IT company offering a complete line of air ...

Viglen Case Study – University of Bedfordshire

[Excerpt] With over a thousand students from all over the world, the Department of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) ...

Viglen Case Study – Queen Mary University

[Excerpt] Viglen has developed a new e-Science cluster at Queen  Mary, University of London. The new development will  help the ...

Intel® and Silicon Mechanics Simplify HPC

[Excerpt] Intel and Silicon Mechanics make it simple to increase productivity and solve new problems with HPC. Click here to download ...

Dell and Intel® Cluster Ready Case Study: ESI Group

[Excerpt] A virtual testing software specialist chooses Intel Cluster Ready High Performance Cluster from Dell to develop life-saving applications. Click here ...

Dell Case Study: Stanford University

[Excerpt] Simulations are among the most demanding computational tasks. At Stanford, models working against large data sets can take weeks ...

University Speeds Research - Case Study

[Excerpt] Access to high performance computing is crucial for universities that want to conduct complex scientific research. Computer-aided simulations are ...

Videos / Demos

If you build it they will come, but only if…

The name of the game in cluster computing is parallelism. Complex computations are broken down into multiple, independent tasks that ...

Solving problems for the HPC cluster ecosystem

View Brock Taylor's interview on Parallel Programming Talk on Intel Software Network TV. Hear how Intel Cluster Ready started and ...

Univa UD | Intel Cluster Ready® Video

Gary Tyreman, VP & General Manager, HPC Division at Univa UD, talks about HPC systems management. He explains how UniCluster ...

Appro and Intel® Cluster Ready Video

Appro and Intel® Cluster Ready — Extreme Performance, Extreme Scalability Find out how Appro is delivering a complete High Performance Computing ...

Amax and Intel® Cluster Ready Video

Penguin Computing and Intel® Cluster Ready

Dell EMEA and Intel® Cluster Ready Video

Platform and Intel® Cluster Ready Video

Simon Lonsdale of Platform Computing tells why Platform OCS and Intel Cluster Ready lead to Clusters Made Simple.

transtec and Intel® Cluster Ready Video

Univa UD & Intel® Cluster Ready

This is how Univa works with ICR

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